• Easy Installation

  • Fits Under All Flooring

  • Maximum Coverage

  • 15 Year Warranty


Our smaller underfloor heat mat, measuring just 1.5m by .5m. This mat is ideal to fit smaller spaces in your design.

It offers a total coverage of .75m rated at 150w /m2.

The width of the amorphous metal ribbon heating element on this mat is 7mm. The ribbons on each mat cover at least 30% of the total area of the heating mat in order to achieve low working temperatures and an extremely even heat.

Our Ribbon Heating system has the technology to provide a warm, comfortable, luxurious home environment. For use in every room: bathroom, kitchen, living room, utility room, basement, study, bedroom, or conservatory / orangery it can be installed under any flooring: tile, stone, wood, laminate or carpet.



Coverage :   0.6m2
Total Watts: 90w
Watts Per m2 : 150w
Total Amps : 0.396A