Amorphous Metal Heating Explained

How do the amorphous heating mats work?

Our heating mats do not use copper elements to generate heat, which leaves some people baffled as to how our system works. Our underfloor Heating mats use Amorphous Metal ribbons loosely known as liquid glass.

Basically a metal is heated to liquid form (changing the metal from a crystalline form to a non crystalline form) and then rapidly cooled, the speed that the metal is cooled means it does not have time to recreate the standard crystalline structure of solid state metals, therefore, the structure remains non-crystalline producing a metal that thinks and acts like a liquid.

Atomic structure of metal

In this form the molecules are set randomly and ensure the metal is not prone to the problems of a crystalline metal. Amorphous metal will not rust or deteriorate under stress and due to its non-crystalline structure it is able to transfer energy at higher and more constant rates.

The Amorphous metal ribbons act as a large resistor which causes the elements to heat up safely providing a constant yet highly controllable heat to the room.

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